Hugh Chaston

Hugh Chaston

eCommerce,Digital Producer,Digital Marketing,Web Video,Photoshop,EDM,HTML,Hootsuite

Hugh Chaston

eCommerce and Digital Marketing

DOING WHAT I Love, Like, Enjoy : Digital Marketing,: eCommerce,: Photoshop,: Web Design

I have an passion for eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Learning new skills, and advancing with CSS, HTML and Bootstrap to use for landing pages and SEO, in fact all things involving digital production. I also have a keen knowledge of Magento, WordPress and Business Catalyst see more on

What I Do

From web video to landing pages, web pages to EDM's and social media, I enjoy creating Marketing material through all digital platforms

Digital Marketing
Magento eCommerce
Video for Web
  • Bootstrap as a dynamic foundation

    Device ready with Bootstrap

    More than 51% of the web is now viewed on a smart phone or tablet, so having a site that can hadle all displays is a must, this is where Boostrap is useful.

  • Social Media / EDM's

    All Encompassing use of Media

    Using Social Media with well designed EDM's can keep any brand fresh in a potential customers mind, and following up the results with Google Anylatics and other monitoring software to its effectiveness.

  • eCommerce

    Magento and eCommerce

    Magento and Business Catalyst are just a few of the most effective eCommerce platforms I have dealt with, check my CV for full details..

  • Video For Web

    Video Editing and Graphics

    Video for Web is a fast increasing facet of any successful digital communication format. I use Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and more to acheive effective videos for the web.


Ecommerce Management, Web Design, Digital Design and Digital Marketing are just some of the skills I offer having been in the digital arena for more than a decade, too see the full story view my CV Here

Video for Web


From Websites, Web Video to Abstract Visuals, Web Graphics to Animation; I'm always trying new techniques and ways of bringing things to life.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media the inexpensive form of marketing. Used custom graphics and with tools like Hootsuite months of social media scheduling can be planned in advance.


WEBSITES /eCommerce

Websites and landing pages can be easily created using Bootstrap, or pre-existing sites updated using CSS and other scripts.

Hugh Chaston Digital Marketing


Online Shopping

Magento and Business Catalyst are just some of the platforms I have used to operate an eCommerce business.


Here is a selection of previous works, Websites, 3D Animation, Logos and product design

  • All
  • Design
  • 3D Rendering
  • Websites
  • eCommerce
  • T-Shirt Design


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